• Lifeguard Training in North Dakota

    When you earn your lifeguard certification in North Dakota from the Red Cross, you'll not only learn rescue and care techniques backed by the latest proven science, but you'll learn them from industry professionals who understand what it's like to respond to aquatic emergencies of every size. Best of all, with our blend of lecture and hands-on, scenario-based training, you'll gain invaluable experience, and the skills and confidence needed to help prevent, recognize, and respond when an emergency occurs. To begin your training, find a class in your area.

    To complement our North Dakota lifeguard classes, we offer all students access to our lifeguarding manual. Created specifically to help our students refer to and retain the information they've learned in class, our manual can help keep your skills and your memory fresh during class and between certifications. The Red Cross lifeguarding manual is one part of our program and does not by itself, deliver complete and comprehensive training.

    When you sign up for lifeguarding training in North Dakota, you can opt to further expand your skillset with a wide range of classes that focus on everything from aquatic instructor training, to waterfront (non-surf), waterpark and shallow water lifeguarding. This way, you can gain entrée to jobs that may have previously been out of reach. Explore the classes available in your area, and get the certifications you need to meet your goals.

    In North Dakota, lifeguard recertification courses are available from the American Red Cross. Designed to help you update your skills, learn new techniques, and refresh your memory, our lifeguarding renewal classes are open to those whose certification is still valid (or within 30 days of expiring), and will allow you to continue to work without a lapse in verification. Once successfully completed, our lifeguard renewal classes will extend your certification by two years. Find a class in your area.

    At the Red Cross, our aquatic services go well beyond our North Dakota lifeguarding certification classes. In fact, we offer an Aquatic Examiner Service (AES) that can help your facility grow and flourish safely. When you enlist the help of our expert examiners, we'll conduct an in-depth facility tour to help us understand your safety and lifeguarding operations. Then, we'll create a comprehensive, objective evaluation based on American Red Cross Lifeguarding program standards, which will include the recommendations and resources needed to help you achieve and maintain those facility improvements. In addition, we'll conduct a follow-up visit where we'll evaluate on-the-job lifeguard performance, including surveillance and rescue skills, use team skills scenarios to test your staff's abilities, and give them the opportunity to learn how to improve. To get started, contact your local Aquatics Representative.

    After completing your North Dakota lifeguarding certification, the Red Cross can help you expand your skills and your goals. With classes available in a wide range of aquatics fields, plus First Aid, CPR, AED use, EMT courses, and more, our knowledgeable instructors can help you become a more capable employee, friend, neighbor and citizen who can provide the right level of care when it's needed most. Explore all of the classes available in your area, and find new ways to grow.