• American Red Cross Instructor Bridging

    Already a certified trainer? You may qualify for our FREE online course to become a Red Cross Instructor.

    Becoming Red Cross certified is an easy 3-step process.

    Red Cross instructor providing training in a classroom
    1. Check our list of instructor bridging classes below of instructor certifications to see if yours is on it.

    2. Sign up for the FREE online bridging course and review the program materials available on the Red Cross Learning Center. No in-person course is required. A full list of our online Instructor Bridging Courses is listed below.

    3. Upload your qualifying instructor credentials within the Red Cross Learning Center to launch the online course. After you have successfully passed the course and affiliate to a Red Cross Training provider, you will become a part of our team of Red Cross-certified instructors.

    First Aid/CPR/AED Bridging Classes

    Healthcare & First Responder Bridging Classes


    Q: Am I able to immediately teach Red Cross courses once I successfully complete the online bridge?

    To teach any American Red Cross course, you must first be affiliated with a current Red Cross Training Provider or be employed as a paid/volunteer Instructor of the Red Cross.

    Q: What is an Instructor bridge?

    The Red Cross offers free online courses called Instructor Bridges that allow instructors currently certified with approved, equivalent training organizations to become certified as Red Cross Instructors.

    Q: Once I become a Red Cross Instructor, how long will my certification be valid?

    Red Cross Instructor certification is valid for two years from the date the bridge course is successfully completed.

    Q: I took the bridge course and received my Instructor certification. How do I renew it when it expires in two years?

    The Red Cross has minimum training requirements that you must meet in order to renew your certification. In some cases, an in-person skills session is also required. Check with your Red Cross Training Provider to determine the requirements and the process to renew your certification.

    Q: How do I become a Red Cross Instructor if I am brand new?

    Red Cross Instructors are highly trained, elite professionals who teach valuable lifesaving skills to more than 5.8 million people each year. You can find information to help you get started on the Red Cross Learning Center.

    Q: What if I have a current Lifeguard Instructor certification from another training organization and I want to crossover to earn an American Red Cross Lifeguarding Instructor certification?

    The Lifeguarding Instructor Crossover/Re-entry course recognizes the previous training of American Red Cross Lifeguarding instructors and/or those with current lifeguarding instructor certification from other equivalent organizations to become American Red Cross Lifeguarding instructors.

    Please visit Redcrosslearningcenter.org then Instructor Candidate Resources for more information about this course.

    If you are unable to find a course in your area, please reach out to your local aquatic facility.