Revolutionize Surveillance and Scanning Skills with Virtual Reality (VR)

Many critical components of lifeguard training are not replicable in a classroom setting. That’s why we developed the cutting-edge Red Cross Lifeguard VR app that enables lifeguards to practice and hone their surveillance and scanning skills.

Our goal? To improve scanning and surveillance skills to save lives. With the new Red Cross free Lifeguard VR app, lifeguards can practice and hone their skills taught in the classroom. By immersing users in a dynamic, realistic drowning scenarios, lifeguards are able to improve learning outcomes while learning in an engaging, modern and accessible way.

It’s easy to set up and use. Lifeguard downloads the free app. The trainer sends an invite with login credentials to access scenarios. The Lifeguard practices scanning their zone, identifying the drowning person and blowing their whistle in the shortest amount of time required, putting their cognitive skills learned to the test.

Lifeguard VR Virtual Scanning Simulator is Designed to:

Bring real-world scenarios to the classroom. Lifeguard Instructors and supervisors are now able to provide dynamic scenarios set in a realistic pool environment to analyze:

  • Surveillance and scanning skills to improve learning outcomes
  • Recognition of drowning response and reinforce skills taught
  • Support first aid skills
  • Identify patrons who need help

Track progress with performance metrics to improve skills. The Lifeguard VR app includes performance metrics includes lifeguard trainee scanning heatmap data, quiz and identification metrics from the scenarios and ability to view performance results.

Lifeguard VR simulation showing lifeguard's view in training scanning pool environment

Our New Cutting-Edge VR App Features Dynamic Scenarios and Simulates:

  • Typical water/environment behavior
  • Drowning behavior and continuum of drowning event within the time of situation
  • Activity in the environment (e.g., other patrons/swimmers)
  • Lifeguard positioning to zone areas. Large enough area to require head and eye moment to challenge and be realistic
  • Obstructions such as backstroke flags, lane ropes, starting blocks, floating features, spray features
  • Randomization of character appearance in scenarios
  • Improved lifeguard competency at all levels of training

A 5-Time Award Winning Product

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Reimagine the Way You Teach and Prepare Your Lifeguards

Existing Red Cross Training Providers

For more information on how to include this new optional educational method in your American Red Cross Training Program, existing customers can log into the Red Cross Learning Center and navigate to Instructor Lifecycle > Program Updates.

New Training Providers

If you are interested in becoming a Red Cross Training Provider to teach Lifeguarding and Water Safety, please contact us.

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