• Lifeguard Test - What You Need to Know

    The American Red Cross lifeguard program offers a detailed examination of your comprehension of the written lifeguarding requirements, protocols, and hands-on skills. Students who complete this test will have demonstrated their ability to:

    • Recognize drowning
    • Prevent injuries
    • Respond quickly and confidently to emergencies

    Red Cross Lifeguard Classes – About the Test

    All lifeguard participants must complete the required swimming skills prerequisite prior to taking and completing the final skills assessment. The prerequisite skills assessments include a swim-tread-swim sequence.

    In addition, participants must successfully complete 3 final skills assessments:

    • Rotate in-conduct surveillance – rotate out (NEW)
    • Timed Single-rescuer CPR Scenario
    • Multiple Rescuer Response Scenario

    You will need to take one final written exam consisting of 50 questions and score a minimum of 80%.

    Red Cross Lifeguard Courses

    The newly updated Red Cross curriculum prepares lifeguards to recognize and respond to emergencies with refreshed courses, updated content and new tools & resources.

    The chart below provides the total time to complete the course.

    Course Course Lengths

    Note: Students who are re-certifying may require less time.

    Instructor-Led Training Blended Learning (in-person + online)
    Total Instructional Time Total Combined Time In-Person Online
    Lifeguarding (Includes deep water training over 7’) 27 hours and 25 minutes 27 hours and 25 minutes 21.5 hours About 6 hours
    Shallow Water Lifeguarding (0-7’) 27.25 hours 27.25 hours 21.5 hours 5 hours and 55 minutes
    Aquatic Attraction Lifeguarding (Water less than or equal to 3’) 26 hours and 35 minutes 26 hours and 35 minutes 20 hours and 40 minutes 5 hours and 55 minutes
    Waterfront Skills 6 hours N/A N/A N/A
    Waterpark Skills 4 hours and 15 minutes N/A N/A N/A

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