• Babysitting Training in North Dakota

    At the Red Cross, we know how important it is for parents to find quality child care that they can count on. That's why we offer babysitting classes in North Dakota for tweens and teens who want to work for the families in their neighborhood. With world-class instruction on everything from child behavior and choosing appropriate activities, to handling emergencies, safety, feeding, and more, we can help you become a capable, confident, trusted babysitter. Find the class that's right for you, as well as a range of complementary courses, like CPR and First Aid, that can help you further your skills.

    Red Cross babysitting classes in North Dakota are available to participants of all ages. For those who are 11 and older, we recommend starting with our Babysitting Basics class, which covers a wide range of topics, including basic childcare, what to do in an emergency, choosing age-appropriate activities, starting a babysitting business, and more. In our Babysitter's Training course, we'll take your skills to the next level with more in-depth information on caring for the children in your neighborhood. Some topics addressed include leadership skills, safety, child behavior, and first aid.

    We offer three unique, informative babysitting classes in North Dakota. Among them is our Advanced Child Care Training – which delivers the latest science-based information to babysitters of all ages. It's the perfect class for new parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends, as well as anyone who has completed our Babysitter's Training course and wants to deepen their skills and knowledge. Throughout the course, you'll learn valuable information on basics, like feeding and holding children, as well as safety, child behavior, discipline and more.

    Note: This course is not intended as certification for state-licensed childcare providers and does not meet all state requirements for such certification.

    Babysitting requires the skills of someone who's responsible, mindful, and understands how to take care of children. And unless you know your babysitter very well, odds are good that gauging these traits won't be easy from a simple interview or two. That's why it's important to look for someone who has gone through formal babysitting training in North Dakota. This way, you can review the course provider's syllabus, talk to your prospective babysitter about any safety, emergency, or first aid/CPR/AED skills, and understand their level of commitment. Of course, holding a babysitting certification isn't a guarantee that a candidate is the right fit for the job, but it does show that the he or she takes the job seriously.

    American Red Cross programs, including all of our North Dakota babysitting training classes, are based on the latest science, standards and regulations. Courses are developed by experts in the field and overseen by The American Red Cross Scientific Advisory Council – panel of more than 50 nationally recognized experts drawn from a wide variety of scientific, medical, and academic disciplines. With their guidance, we're able to ensure that Red Cross practices and recommendations align with the latest evidence-based knowledge in science and medicine. This allows all of our babysitting course participants to become well informed and well prepared to deliver quality care.

    After completing our babysitting classes in North Dakota, your certification will be valid for two years. But rather than keeping a copy of your certificate to show to prospective employers, you can simply give them a link or QR code that they can use to access your credentials. It's fast, simple, and paperless. Find the class that's right for you, and start earning the certifications you need.