• Babysitting Training in Delaware

    For generations, babysitting has been one way that teens and tweens not only earn money, but gain respect and learn responsibility. And although you may get along with kids in general, taking care of a child (or children) while their parents are away can be trickier and more nuanced than you'd expect. That's where our Delaware babysitting classes can help. Designed by experts in the industry, they can help you learn how to provide care, how to choose activities, how to handle emergencies, understand certain behaviors, and more. Check out the childcare training options available, and gain the skills you need to become a capable, confident babysitter.

    If you think you're ready to babysit, then it's time to enroll in one of our Delaware babysitting certification courses. Available online and in person, these classes can help you understand the skills necessary for becoming a responsible babysitter, and work through a range of scenarios that you might face. After your certification courses are complete, it might be a good idea to babysit for your own brothers and/or sisters while one of your parents is home or nearby, or try to babysit for a family friend who needs to only briefly spend time away from home. This will help you understand what babysitting is really like, while ensuring that a parent is available should you need their support. Once you've decided that you're ready to babysit, your Red Cross training can help you start a business, get the word out, and build your clientele.

    The American Red Cross offers three unique, informative babysitting classes in Delaware. Among them is our Advanced Child Care Training – which delivers the latest science-based information to babysitters of all ages. It's the perfect class for new parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends, as well as anyone who has completed our Babysitter's Training course and wants to deepen their skills and knowledge. Throughout the course, you'll learn valuable information on basics, like feeding and holding children, as well as safety, child behavior, discipline and more.

    Note: This course is not intended as certification for state-licensed childcare providers and does not meet all state requirements for such certification.

    If you have a new baby, as well as older kids at home, you can enroll your older children in one of our babysitting classes in Delaware, and give them the skills they need to help care for their younger brother or sister. With world-class instruction from experts in the industry, your older children can learn how to safely feed and hold the baby, and provide care as your littlest one ages. Plus, with extra support for you, and additional bonding opportunities for all of your children, you can work together to create a happy, cohesive family.

    For additional skills, and added peace of mind for parents, we recommend that you take one of our online, in-person, or blended Simulation Learning courses in First Aid/CPR/AED – that way you can be even more prepared to deliver quality care to the kids in your neighborhood.

    After completing our babysitting classes in Delaware, your certification will be valid for two years. But rather than keeping a copy of your certificate to show to prospective employers, you can simply give them a link or QR code that they can use to access your credentials. It's fast, simple, and paperless. Find the class that's right for you, and start earning the certifications you need.