• Babysitting Training in Alabama

    At the Red Cross, we know how important it is for parents to find quality child care that they can count on. That's why we offer babysitting classes in Alabama for tweens and teens who want to work for the families in their neighborhood. With world-class instruction on everything from child behavior and choosing appropriate activities, to handling emergencies, safety, feeding, and more, we can help you become a capable, confident, trusted babysitter. Find the class that's right for you, as well as a range of complementary courses, like CPR and first aid, that can help you further your skills.

    If you think you're ready to babysit, then it's time to enroll in one of our Alabama babysitting certification courses. Available online and in person, these classes can help you understand the skills necessary for becoming a responsible babysitter, and work through a range of scenarios that you might face. After your certification courses are complete, it might be a good idea to babysit for your own brothers and/or sisters while one of your parents is home or nearby, or try to babysit for a family friend who needs to only briefly spend time away from home. This will help you understand what babysitting is really like, while ensuring that a parent is available should you need their support. Once you've decided that you're ready to babysit, your Red Cross training can help you start a business, get the word out, and build your clientele.

    In Alabama, babysitting classes from the American Red Cross are available to those aged 11 and older. However, just because your son or daughter wants to take classes – it may not mean that they're ready for the responsibility of actually caring for children. One of the ways to gauge this is by enrolling your child in one of our online courses, then taking the time to discuss the subjects covered. This will help you understand what your child has learned, and to what degree his or her instincts have developed. In addition, if you have younger children (or friends with younger children), you can allow your elder child to practice babysitting them while you're at home – but busy doing things that won't allow you to interact with the kids. If everything goes well – and all of their tasks are accomplished to your satisfaction – your child may be ready to babysit outside of the home.

    For new parents, especially if you haven't been around infants in awhile, Red Cross babysitting classes in Alabama can help you prepare for what's to come. With thoughtful, compassionate instruction on caring for a child, including information on holding, feeding, safety, and more, our instructors can help you learn how to take care of your child well before he or she arrives.

    For additional skills, and added peace of mind for parents, we recommend that you take one of our online, in-person, or blended Simulation Learning courses in first aid/CPR/AED – that way you can be even more prepared to deliver quality care to the kids in your neighborhood.

    Throughout our babysitting classes in Alabama, you'll gain the skills you need to provide quality care to kids of all ages. In addition, you'll learn leadership, professionalism, and how to start, and grow, a successful babysitting business. To begin your training, find a class online or in your area.