• Lifeguard Training in Nebraska

    Whether you want to be a lifeguard for a summer or a lifetime, the Red Cross can help. With our Nebraska lifeguarding certification classes, you can learn how to prevent, recognize and respond to aquatic emergencies – and provide care when it's needed most. However, we also offer the opportunity to go beyond the basics, and take classes in water safety, aquatic instructor training, safety training for swim coaches, lifeguard management and more. To find the right class for your goals and your interests, check our newest course schedule.

    Designed for those who learn best in a traditional classroom environment, our in-person Nebraska lifeguard certification classes include lecture, reading, and hands-on skills sessions. Throughout the course there will be ample time for students to ask questions, work through topics as a group, and become comfortable with the theories and practices of lifeguarding.

    Created for those who want or need the freedom to learn at their own pace, our blended learning experience allows you to take online classes and demonstrate your skills in person to a trained, certified instructor. Once you've successfully completed both portions of the course, you'll receive your Nebraska lifeguard certification, which is valid for two years.

    After completing your lifeguarding classes in Nebraska, it's important to continue training periodically in order to keep your knowledge and your skills sharp. To make maintaining your skills simple, we've developed a number of online refresher activities designed just for lifeguards. And although they take just minutes to complete, they can mean all the difference during times of crisis.

    If you work with a youth organization that hosts outdoor activities, our Small Craft Safety class can help you keep everyone safe. Like our Nebraska lifeguarding certification courses, this class addresses basic water rescue, but it also covers topics such as self-rescue, small craft accident prevention, trip planning, supervision and emergency preparation and response. Find a class in your area.

    Note: Ideal candidates should be comfortable handling canoes and kayaks. In addition, in-water skills sessions are not offered. This class is only intended for those who will receive further in-person skills training as part of an environment-specific training session.

    When you enroll in lifeguarding training in Nebraska from the American Red Cross, you'll not only learn how to help keep those in, on, and around the water safe, but you'll also learn how to help those who may be injured or experiencing a medical emergency. To ensure that you know how to help during times of crisis, our lifeguarding classes include training in CPR, first aid, and AED use. And just like your lifeguarding certification, those additional certifications are valid for two years (and come with access to our online refresher materials to help keep your skills sharp).

    As a lifeguard, you hope that everyone has a safe and healthy experience – and that you'll never have to use your rescue skills. However, at some point in your career, delivering care due to injury or accident will probably be required. So, to help you stay ready for anything and keep your skills sharp long after you've completed your lifeguarding training in Nebraska, we offer free access to a wide range of refresher materials. Available online, any time, our interactive quizzes, games and activities, can help you practice your lifeguarding skills on your schedule – and stay ready to help when it's needed most.