• Swim Lessons in Iowa

    Becoming comfortable in the water and a safe swimmer can change your life. It can help you become stronger and more capable. It can help you expand your skills and overcome your fears. It can help you find new ways to spend time with your friends and family. And it can help you experience new worlds that are far removed from your own. That's why we offer swimming lessons in Iowa for people of all ages and abilities. To find a class near you, check our newest course schedule.

    In Iowa swimming classes from our Learn-to-Swim program are easy to find. With dozens of Learn-to-Swim partners across the state, you can find swim training for everyone in your family – from 6 months to adult. All of our classes are taught by compassionate, patient, certified instructors who will help you learn the basics, then progress through the levels at your own pace – mastering the skills in the one level before advancing to the next. Find your local Learn-to-Swim provider.

    Whether your child is taking one of our swimming classes in Iowa or you've enrolled in swim training yourself, keeping your time in, on, and around the water safe is critical. To that end, we encourage all of our swim students to enroll in one of our first aid/CPR/AED classes. This way, you can not only become a stronger swimmer, but learn how to help should a fellow swimmer become ill or injured while you're at the pool, lake, beach, etc. Find a class in your area.

    In addition to offering group swim training in Iowa, many of our Learn-to-Swim partners offer private lessons. This way, you can get fully personalized instruction and work on the basics, as well as the things that are most important for you. This can be particularly helpful if you're training for a triathlon or other competitive event, want to enhance a particular skill, can only attend lessons during a particular time, etc. Check the schedule of swim classes in your area, then contact your local Learn-to-Swim provider to find out if group or private lessons are right for you.

    Swimming is a low-impact, full-body cardio workout that virtually anyone can do for much, if not all, of your life. In order to help you become a safe, efficient swimmer, and get the most of swimming for fitness and for fun, we offer a wide range of with swimming classes in Iowa through our Learn-to-Swim partners. Find a class in your area, and gain the tools you need to become a strong, capable swimmer at any age.

    At the Red Cross, we believe in the power of lifelong learning. And with swimming lessons in Iowa available for those ages 6 months and older, plus first aid, CPR and AED classes, Continuing Education Units for medical professionals and first responders, and more, we can help you learn and grow in new, fun, and profound ways. To find a class in your area, check our newest schedule.